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Data Protection policy for Omborddata AB

 Omborddata AB (below called Omborddata or “we/us”) protects its customers and employees’ personal integrity and strives for a high level of protection in all processing of personal data. This integrity and data protection policy explains how we gather and use your personal data. It also describes your rights and what you are entitled to access regarding your personal data. This policy is part of the new EU / EEA data protection regulation (GDPR) which applies from May 2018.
You are always welcome to contact us with questions regarding our integrity and data protection policy.

In order for us to carry out our business operations properly, we need to process your personal data as below. When you become a customer with us or otherwise submit your personal information to us, you accept our data protection policy and the way we process your information.
Omborddata is responsible for personal data for the data processed in our business. You can find our full contact details at the end of this text.

What personal data can we collect from you?

Personal data refers to information that may, directly or indirectly, be linked to you as an individual. Examples of such information are name, address, e-mail address, phone number, social security number. Personal data processing refers to all actions taken with the personal data, such as collection, registration and storage.
Personal data may only be processed for specific and explicit purposes and not sold to third parties.

We mainly receive personal data from you or from the company you are employed at. When you are registering as a customer, we collect names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses (as well as org numbers when registering companies). To fulfil our contractual obligations with our customers we may receive personal data from them.

We may also collect personal information in the form of name, address, telephone number and e-mail address to be able to conduct our support operations that is a part of our business. Otherwise we only send e-mails to notify that new versions of our software is available.

Who can we share the information with?

Omborddata shares the information to relevant authorities and parties only if we are required to do so by law or fulfil our contractual duties. We never sell information to a third party.

For how long do we save your information?

We mainly store data with the support of the accounting act (bokföringslagen) or the statutory storage times. Alternatively, we save the data as long as they fulfill the function for which the task(s) was collected.

Your data protection rights

You are entitled to request access to the personal data processed by you in accordance with applicable privacy laws:

  • Access (register extract) – You have the right to know if we process personal data relating to you and request free access to the information.
  • Deletion – You have the right to request deletion of your personal data if the data no longer needs to be used for legal or contractual reasons.
  • Withdrawal of consent – You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. We must then cease future processing of the personal data we process based on consent.
  • Correction – If your personal data is incorrect or incomplete, you can request correction of the data at any time.


Contact details

Omborddata AB
Nordlinds Väg
SE-217 73 Malmö

Phone: +46 (0)40 60 717 60