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Omborddata is 100% focused on one software that will streamline and facilitate personnel administration for Swedish and international shipping.


Crew SF is our standard software for providing crew related functions to vessels and office. It encompasses personal crew records, safe manning requirements, reporting, time attendance and rest hour reporting etc.

Crew SF is the backbone of what we do. On one side, a platform including all our standard features for everyone – and on the other side flexible enough to be adapted to your organization’s specific needs.

CREW SF Products Omborddata

Complete crew management software

Timekeeping & wages

Safety compliance


Main functionality


Crew records

  • Personal information
  • Certificate/courses
  • Policy templates

Time logs

  • Work hours / rest hours
  • CBA to salary material
  • CBA to finished payroll

Safety compliance

  • Flexible vessel requirements engine
  • Flexible safety organization requirements engine


  • Crew lists (National Single Window)
  • Crew reports
  • Time log reports
Crew records

Crew records

In the Crew records section every crew members personal information is registered along with next of kin information, certificates, courses, employment dates etc.

  • API for external access
  • Basic crew information
  • Photo
  • Graphical History
  • Print ID-cards
  • Next-of-kin information
  • All certificates/courses registered in one place
  • Possibility to scan hard copies
  • Customisable certificate register
  • STCW-codes
  • Template for company policy
  • Template for rank policy

Time logs

In the Crew SF time logs, a crew member’s time and attendance are registered. The functionality of the time log spans a wide area from simple “rest hour only” to full CBA activity registration with automatic salary material/payroll as a result. The functionality level is determined by the organization’s requirements.

  • Monitor workhours / rest hours
  • Store rest hour data digitally
  • Help to visualise and avoid non-conformities
  • Print port state rest hour form
  • Crewmember can digitally sign rest hours in web portal
  • Week schedules
  • Custom CBA Interpretation
    • With wage calculations
    • Without wage calculations
    • interface with external salary software
  • Vessel accounting
  • Accounting
Features (Swedish)
  • Interpretation for all common Swedish maritime CBA:s – from start to finish
  • Taxes (both shore and seafarers)
  • AGI / AGD
  • Shipping Aid – “Rederistöd”
  • Accounting
  • Pension reporting
  • STA report for crew members – “Swedish Transport Agency”
  • Swedish Social Insurance Agency applications
Time logs
Safety Compliance
Safety Compliance

Safety compliance

The Crew SF Safety compliance features are an integral part of Crew SF. Information from Crew records and time logs are used to validate set up requirements on a personal and vessel level.

Safety - Shore system
  • MSW-reporting (API or files)
  • API for departure data
  • Departure reports from the fleet
  • Pre-checks using:
    • Rank based requirements
    • Vessel requirements
    • Use data for planned departures
  • In case of a situation:
    • Up to date: Next-of-kin list for crew members
    • Up to date: Crew list and muster list
    • Up to date: Alarm- and abandon ship stations
Safety - Vessel system
  • Safety departure view
    • The departure view is a perfect tool to monitor that every crew member has the required valid certificates
    • If a safety position isn’t manned or manned with a crew member with insufficient certificates the software will alert the user
  • Safety departure check
    • Be sure your master plan is fulfilled
    • Checks certificates ahead
    • Checks health certificates ahead
    • Print muster list
    • E-mail lists automatically by departure
    • Send a copy of the departure package to the shore
  • Gangway control (Crew SF Kiosk)
    • Crew members signs on/off with their ID-card
    • Crewmembers can assign safety tasks with touch-based panel PC
  • Safety drills
    • Register and plan safety drills
    • Search for missing drills
    • Drill calendar
    • Warn for missing drills in departure check
    • Print drill protocol
Safety - General
  • Flexible passenger certificates
  • Monitor correct manning
  • Monitor expiration dates and missing certs.
  • Create Muster list
  • Replicate information to the shore system
  • Every departure stored historically inshore system

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